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Wedding photography is simply brilliant. You are in such a privileged position being invited in to share what is one of the most magical, memorable and often beautiful days of any couples lives together. The energy and positivity is infectious and so enjoyable, as it is often said “everybody loves a wedding”. That is not to say wedding photography is easy though.

One day, One take that’s it. You have to have a lot of trust that your photographer will get it right. The camera looks both ways so being friendly, considerate, efficient, relaxed and ultimately professional allows you and your guests to relax and enjoy the day and will result in better images, and memories.

I love photos which are simple, sharp and crisp with a very clean and uncluttered style.   Images which capture the true essence of the moment are what it’s all about, “telling the story” to quote a cliché. I prefer an informal, natural reportage approach which often captures the most satisfying images.